Work Culture of ASC

1. Strict adherence to the norms and guidelines of UGC in the conduct of programmes.
2. Time bound decisions to execute the work of preparing and supplying the reading material to the participants.
3. Strict observance of core values namely commitment, devotion, punctuality, humility, co-operation and tolerance.
4. Effecting change in learning through practical work and setting personal examples.
5. Adoption of eclectic approach in dealing with the pedagogical problems faced by teachers at different levels of complexities.
6.Providing computer awareness programme to the participants of refresher courses and orientation programmes.
7. Adopting participative approach in the conduct of programmes and running of college-ASC.
8. For developing tolerance and appreciation for multi-culture of India, cultural shows and cultural evenings are organized.

Extension Work of ASC

1. In order to sensitize the participants to the needs and problems of the community, the ASC takes the participants to the rural settings and asks them to reflect.
2. Participants are taken to museums, zoo, institutes, blind homes and orphanage for getting first hand exposure to the problems of under privileged sections.
3. Participants' visits to environmentally sensitive areas and seeking their participation in removing environmental pollution are organized.
4. Participants of refresher course in environment organize exhibitions to make the masses aware of increasing pollution and various measures to control it.
5. Participants are required to complete a project during all courses which is based on field study.

Curriculum Development

1. The Academic Staff College has helped different departments in reviewing and revising their curriculum at under-graduate and post-graduate courses by way of supplying the feedback received from the teachers attending refresher courses and orientation programmes
2. Whenever approached, the Academic Staff College has organized discussion groups for finalizing the curriculum.